The Kindy

Camp Hill Kindergarten is a place of wonder, awe and discovery for children and a place where parents and families can be involved in and celebrate this very precious stage in their children’s lives.

We have 2 teaching units at Camp Hill Kindergarten with each room catering for 2 groups of children on a 5 day fortnight basis or a 2 day per week extended hours program. This means we have 88 children at the centre each year.

We are mindful that parents are their children’s first educators and as such we encourage parents, children and educators to work together to provide the best Early Childhood program possible. During our Kindy day children will spend time working as a group developing friendships and social skills and have opportunities for quiet, individual pursuits. Our time is spent equally between the outdoor and indoor environment encouraging children to engage in a wide range of experiences to extend their knowledge, understanding and interest in a variety of areas.

Outdoors we have a beautiful, shady playground with forts, monkey bars, bush rocks and two covered sandpits, 

One sandpit has a waterfall with water diverted from the rain water tank to encourage sand and water play. Our vegetable gardens are a constant source of wonder and discovery for the child as are the worm farms and sensory pots. We have two pet guinea pigs that soon become part of each child’s family .

Our indoor area is spacious and provides ample opportunities  for quiet reading, dramatic play, block building, puzzles, construction, singing, dancing and creative pursuits. We are extremely well resourced thanks to the hard work and generosity of our parent body and the wider community. Children work at their own pace and in areas they are interested in to develop friendships, extend their skills and understanding about the world around them and become more independent and resilient.

The educators at Camp Hill Kindergarten provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment where all children are able to flourish.

History of the Kindy

Our beautiful Kindergarten celebrated 70 years of operation in 2014. It has not always been on this site however the Centre has always relied on the commitment and foresight of our community to provide and maintain this oasis for Early Childhood education.

Established in 1944 in the School of Arts building the Kindergarten has served many generations of local residents as they provide their children with the first educational experience outside the home environment.  After the Second World War the Kindergarten Committee at the time tried unsuccessfully to obtain land on which to build a Kindergarten and instead purchased a house at 629 Old Cleveland Road to operate out of. The Kindergarten was a successful community facility and in the 60’s the dedicated committee members again sought to find land to build on. After a proposal to build a single unit centre on Henderson Street fell through the present site was decided upon and in 1964 building began on a double unit centre.

The first Kindergarten on Wiles Street was completed and opened in 1965. While the community support for the Centre remained strong the structural foundations were shifting and it was necessary to rebuild the Kindergarten. With overwhelming   financial backing and the commitment of the parents at the Kindergarten the current building was erected in 1989 to replace the first Kindergarten facility.

We are very proud of the heritage of Camp Hill Kindergarten and the fact that the building and the past and present families at the Centre continue to give of their time and energy to ensure future generations can enjoy this wonderful community facility.


The Centre is managed by a volunteer committee elected from the parent body each year at the AGM. The Committee has the power to act on all matters which affect the Centre. 

The Committee must ensure the provision of standards which comply with both C&K and National Quality Framework, and which provide for the optimum growth and development of the children. 

Camp Hill C&K Kindy believes that play is the context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their world as they actively engage with people and a dynamic environment. Our teaching staff visualises an early childhood education that celebrates individual children's strengths as they discover and learn through play. 

Consequently, our staff believes in an emergent curriculum, collaboratively developed with the children as they explore areas of interest to them, supported by intentional teaching that extends their growing knowledge. We value the experiences, ideas and knowledge that children bring to the program from their familial and cultural backgrounds - consequently, we strive to develop collaborative relationships with families and communities. 

We provide a safe, caring, engaging and responsive environment where all children are empowered to make decisions about their own learning. Children will be supported to develop resilience and the skills to manage challenges, conflict and new situations with confidence. We will provide many and varied opportunities for all children to build capability and skills in all aspects of their physical, creative, cognitive, lingual, social and emotional development. We interact with our children to gauge their developmental progress, adjusting stimuli and related play accordingly. 

Our goal is to grow happy, healthy, confident, inspired and interested children.


Camp Hill Kindergarten is a non profit incorporated association that is managed by a committee elected by the members of the Association, of which every parent is a member. It comprises:
  • President
  • Vice President/Marketing Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Grants Coordinator
  • Maintenance Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • General Committee Members x 4 (one from each Group)

All members of the Management Committee are required to:
  • Attend committee meetings and participate in discussions
  • Abide by Camp Hill Kindergarten’s Code of Conduct and Confidentiality agreement
  • Demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm
  • Where possible attend parent club meetings
  • Accept responsibility for specific duties, as listed below
  • Accept responsibility for the financial state of the kindergarten

Other positions not on Management Committee:
  • Kidz Biz Fortnightly Newsletter Editor
  • Lending Library x 2 (one from each end of the week)
  • Book Club Assistant - via Scholastic Bookclubs


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