Camp Hill Kindergarten Program Camp Hill Kindergarten follows “Building Waterfalls” the curriculum developed by C&K – Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited. This utilities a rich play – based theory which focuses on the developmental needs of each child. 

The "Building Waterfalls" curriculum focuses of 4 shared understandings:
  • Connecting
  • Enlarging
  • Listening
  • Exploring
Our well established environment stimulates and fosters children's interest and curiosity. The beautiful outdoor setting, sheltered by our well-established trees, provides a diverse combination of spaces to run, climb, dig, explore and reflect. Qualified Early Childhood Staff provide high quality care and foster the development of your child. Parental involvement is a fundamental part of our programme and is always welcomed and encouraged. This consistent collaboration helps to steer the educational content of the curriculum.

A Day At Camp Hill

There are no strict fixed times for the daily routine. This flexibility allows children to develop their play and ideas. Over the course of the day.....
  •  Groups have a combination of inside and outside play
  •  Children gather for stories, music, language, movement or games
  •  Children help to tidy up
  •  Morning tea and lunch are eaten either on the veranda or in a shady part of the grounds
  •  Children make their own beds for rest time
  •  During rest time - children sleep, read, listen to stories, music or quiet activities

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives Camp Hill Kindergarten’s educational program endeavors to honor every child’s right to be happy, play and experience a fulfilling childhood. Our kindergarten is a place where children belong, learn & contribute as a collective group of learners. Every day the children experience an environment rich with learning opportunities provided by play. 
Through play our children are encouraged to:
  • Imagine, investigate, wonder, plan, question, think, discuss, experiment and reflect in order to build knowledge and concepts of how the world works.
  • Develop physical skills which enable them to function independently, express themselves confidently and further develop their strength and agility.
  • Develop self-confidence and to have a positive self-image
  • Develop a range of appropriate pro social skills and strategies including listening to others, turn taking, sharing, co-operation, use language to communicate and play entry skills.
  • Develop a positive attitude to learning by being involved in decision making regarding the program, the routine, the room and the rules.
  • Think imaginatively and to express themselves creatively through music, movement and art media.


The Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K) is a not for profit organisation which has offered the highest standard of early childhood education and care since its inception in 1907. 

With more than 100 years in early childhood education and care, C&K is regarded as one of Australia’s leading providers of kindergarten, childcare, and family day care services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs. 

C&K is a Central Governing Body (CGB), which manages and disperses federal and state funding to branch, affiliate and associate services. A branch service is owned and operated by C&K. An affiliate/associate service is owned and operated by a volunteer management committee under an incorporated association.  Camp Hill Kindergarten is a C&K affiliate centre.

Embracing children with special needs, cultural, religious or geographical diversity is what makes a C&K service so unique. Providing support and professional development for educators enables the best possible outcome for your child. 

In September 2010, the Queensland Studies Authority approved the C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines for kindergarten. This is the only independently approved early childhood curriculum in Australia and meets the standards of the Early Years Learning Framework. 

C&K believes children are capable, competent individuals who are an integral part of a community which nurtures and respects them. That is why more than one million children and their families have experienced the C&K difference. 

C&K invites you to let your child experience the C&K difference too.

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Mrs Debbie Simms

Nominated Supervisor, Co-director and Teacher Dip T, ECE; Grad Dip Teach-Lib.

Debbie has worked at Camp Hill since 2000, during which time she has met many wonderful families and watched hundreds of children enjoy the kindy experience. Debbie studied Early Childhood Education and Teacher Librarianship. She has been teaching in primary classes, preschools, and universities since 1978. Debbie is passionate about providing a relaxed, nurturing, stimulating learning environment for young

Mrs Helen Clifton

B.Ed.Dip Teaching, Cert IV Ass. & Training. Certified Supervisor. Co-director and teacher. 

Helen has had a long association with Early Childhood Education in her role as teaching Director, university lecturer and Inclusion Support Facilitator.  Helen believes that children learn best when they are active participates in their own learning and have opportunities for self discovery, problem solving and connections with their natural and social world. 

Ms. Jeanie Graham

Teacher B.Ed, Dip T, Certified Supervisor 

Jeanie has been teaching since 1979 when she graduated from Townsville Teachers' College and James Cook University in North QLD. In that time she has taught in various parts of the state and in various levels- kindergarten, preschool, prep, years 1-3 and special education. She commenced teaching at Camp Hill Kindy in 2012. Jeanie believes in a play-based curriculum that involves all children, and views all children as capable and competent.

Mrs Kirrili Balshaw

Teacher Grad Dip Ed (EC), Dip Teaching (Primary), Certified Supervisor 

Kirrili joined Camp Hill Kindergarten in 2013. Kirrili has been teaching since 1991. Kirrili and her 3 children have attended C&K Kindergartens and appreciate what a wonderful year it is. Kirrili is a Special Education and Early Childhood teacher with a major in Deaf Education and Early Intervention. Early Childhood is Kirrili's favourite area, because she believes it gives children a great start to their learning j

Ms. Helen Hallahan

Teaching Assistant Cert of Child Care Practices, Certified Supervisor 

Helen has been employed as an assistant at Camp Hill Kindy since 1980.

Mrs Jan Milner

Teaching Assistant, Cert III Children's Services, Certified Supervisor 

Jan started as full time assistant at Camp Hill Kindy in 2008. In 2014 she moved to part time work.

Mrs Vanessa John

Teaching Assistant Cert III Childrens Services.  

Vanessa studied Certificate III in Children Services through C& K College and became a Teacher Assistant at Camp Hill in 2013. She is married with school age children and has a background in Customer Service. She decided on a career change when she became a parent and wanted to help provide all children with positive early childhood experiences.

Mrs Chris Roseneder

Support Assistant

Mrs Brenda Gilbert

Accountant B.Bus(Accountancy), CA, MAICD, JP (Qual) 

Brenda has been involved with Camp Hill Kindy since 1998 when her daughter attended preschool and she was a general committee member. In 1999 Brenda stayed on the committee as a general committee member and C&K forum representative. Brenda was Treasurer in 2000 and 2001 and then took on a the role of accountant from November 2001. Brenda assists the committee with matters of business administration and financial management.


Anti-Discrimination Policy
When children enter an Early Childhood setting they bring with them a rich variety of cultural and social backgrounds and experiences. This Centre recognises the individuality of each child and family and observes the policy of acceptance regardless of race, creed, gender, disability or culture.

Children with Additional Needs
C&K’s Additional Needs policy covers issues of equity, disclosure, communication, staff, finance and enrolment/attendance. Our Centre is committed to the inclusion of additional needs students wherever possible. Each case will be considered individually and all efforts will be made to cater for a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual needs. The Centre undertakes to apply for funding to provide support staff to ensure the best educational outcomes for all children.

Waiting List Policy
Children’s names may be put on the waiting list from the date they are born. This can be done in person or forms can be downloaded from our Website or sent to you. A charge of $10 is made and a receipt issued once the parent/carer has checked that all details on the form are correct.

Offers of places begin in August of the year prior to attendance, in the order children’s names appear on the waiting list.

Our centre introduced a Sibling Preference Policy from 2008 onwards for siblings entered on the list prior to them turning 2yrs 6 months.

Risk Management Strategy and Child Protection Policy 
Statement of Commitment 
The Camp Hill Kindergarten and Preschool Association Inc. is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who use the Centre. The Centre is a child safe centre, promotes the protection of all children and encourages a culture of awareness and education. A child safe environment is one in which all participants feel safe to make constructive suggestions and voice concerns at any time.

In line with the above policies, the Centre takes the position that everyone dealing with protecting children needs to feel they can speak up when they have a problem or concern, knowing they will be heard. We believe that voicing a concern about the safety of a child should not be viewed as an accusation. Staff, parents and volunteers can be confident that all concerns will follow due process and be treated seriously. All information will be dealt with confidentiality and with respect for all concerned. Through our affiliation with C&K we have adopted and implemented a range of policies that reflect best practice as well as mandatory requirements and ensure both staff and those involved in the Centre are catering for the highest standards of care, health and safety of our children. They are continually reviewed and are amended where opportunities for improvement become evident.

In addition to child protection, we strongly uphold and promote the prevention of harm to all children with the result that the Child Protection and Risk Management Guidelines promulgated by C&K have been adopted by this Centre. Those Guidelines provide a framework about processes in the Centre and those wishing more information can access the Guidelines through the Kindergarten handbook. Queries can be directed to the Committee President or the Directors.

Remember: The responsibility for protecting children is everyone’s business.

Camp Hill Kindergarten follows the policies set down by C&K Associated Ltd.  For more information please follow the link to  C&K Policy and Procedures;.

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