C&K Affiliation

The Creche and Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K) is a not for profit organisation which has offered the highest standard of early childhood education and care since its inception in 1907.

With more than 100 years in early childhood education and care, C&K is regarded as one of Australia’s leading providers of kindergarten, childcare, and family day care services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs.

C&K is a Central Governing Body (CGB), which manages and disperses federal and state funding to branch, affiliate and associate services. A branch service is owned and operated by C&K. An affiliate/associate service is owned and operated by a volunteer management committee under an incorporated association. Camp Hill Kindergarten is a C&K affiliate centre.

Embracing children with special needs, cultural, religious or geographical diversity is what makes a C&K service so unique. Providing support and professional development for educators enables the best possible outcome for your child.

In September 2010, the Queensland Studies Authority approved the C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines for kindergarten. This is the only independently approved early childhood curriculum in Australia and meets the standards of the Early Years Learning Framework.

C&K believes children are capable, competent individuals who are an integral part of a community which nurtures and respects them. That is why more than one million children and their families have experienced the C&K difference.

C&K invites you to let your child experience the C&K difference too.

For more information visit the C&K Association website.