Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives Camp Hill Kindergarten’s educational program endeavours to honour every child’s right to be happy, play and experience a fulfilling childhood. Our kindergarten is a place where children belong, learn & contribute as a collective group of learners. Every day the children experience an environment rich with learning opportunities provided by play.
Through play, our children are encouraged to:

  • Imagine, investigate, wonder, plan, question, think, discuss, experiment and reflect in order to build knowledge and concepts of how the world works.
  • Develop physical skills which enable them to function independently, express themselves confidently and further develop their strength and agility.
  • Develop self-confidence and to have a positive self-image
  • Develop a range of appropriate pro social skills and strategies including listening to others, turn taking, sharing, co-operation, use language to communicate and play entry skills.
  • Develop a positive attitude to learning by being involved in decision making regarding the program, the routine, the room and the rules.
  • Think imaginatively and to express themselves creatively through music, movement and art media.