Membership Form

Please download and fill out the Membership Form or fill in the online form below and submit. Please note that Membership Form is only required if you have been offered a place at Camp Hill Kindy. To apply for an enrolment, please complete our Waiting List Form or Contact Us.

I/we wish to become members of the Camp Hill Kindergarten & Preschool Association Incorporated., the prescribed membership fee being $10.00 per family per year. The membership fee was collected as part of your acceptance fee.

The membership fee entitles each member to vote at the AGM and any other meetings of the Association attended. Parents or guardians desirous of sending a child to our centre must become members of the Association.

Please complete the following information and return to the kindergarten with your acceptance fee.

Primary Contact

Other Parent/Guardian (if applicable)

Can you please advise us immediately of any change to the above details?